Our Performance

Key Performance Indicators

We regularly ask our students to complete a short feedback form when they have completed their studies and work placements. This helps us understand what they thought of their time with us. We have developed some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help us measure our performance.

Student numbers

Our last compiled KPIs included ELT (English Language Training) only and ELT with a work and study activity.

Some highlights

  • Almost 100% said they had a good time and got the information and help they needed.
  • Over 98% said they would recommend our schools.
  • 99% of short term ELT students said their English improved within 3 weeks or less. A remarkable achievement!
I had a good time1073299.5%98%
I liked my host family10502797.4%95%
My English improved (Work Experience only)4051098.3%80%
My English improved (ELT 3 weeks or less)635599.2%90%
My English improved (ELT more than 3 weeks)25196.2%96%
I enjoyed my work placement8822297.5%90%
The staff were friendly and helpful1073399.5%98%
I got the information and help I needed10601898.3%98%
I would recommend this school10621698.5%98%

Our Approach to Teaching

Communicative approach

After a level test, you will be put into a class that matches your level and needs. In your class, your teachers will focus on a communicative approach to your studies.

Develop your confidence in your use of English

Attention is put on developing the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing through real-life situations and using your imagination. Language study will develop your confidence in your use of English, expanding your vocabulary

Wide variety of activities

You will learn and practice new language through a wide variety of fun activities,  discovery tasks, role plays and projects, using video, audio and printed materials.

Personal Attention

Because class sizes are small (maximum of 8, except special closed groups), your teachers can get to know you personally. They will regularly ask for your feedback on classroom activities and topics. In weekly tutorials you will be asked what your needs are, so that your teachers can give help you to achieve your aims and reach your language goals.

Part of Tellus Group

About Tellus Group

Tellus Education Group has been successfully providing quality educational services since 2004, and through Meridian School of English since 1979.

We regularly welcome over 2,000 students a year who benefit from the services we provide. We pride ourselves on our ability to combine a quality education in a safe environment enabling our students to have fun, meet new people and make lots of new friends.

For many of our English language students and vocational training participants, their time with us really is a “life changing experience”.

Tellus Group in International Media

During the 14 years of providing life changing opportunities through education and experience, Tellus Education Group and Meridian School of English have featured in:

The Plymouth Herald, BBC Radio Devon, Grad MAG, Study Travel Magazine, Language Travel Magazine, Polish Gazeta Lubuska, Italian PROFESSIONI and many other Turkish, Polish, German and Italian newspapers and magazines.

Member of the English UK

English UK is the world’s leading language teaching association with more than 450 members – all accredited by the British Council.


We have been shortlisted consecutively for 8 years and in 2015 and 2012, Tellus Education Group was awarded ST Star Work Experience Provider of the Year award. ST Star Awards are among the most prestigious in the language travel industry.

Member of the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PCCI)

Plymouth Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PCCI) is the third oldest Chamber in the UK. For nearly 200 years it has played an important role in Plymouth business life and provided a forum that its member companies can use to build and develop their businesses. Tellus Group is a proud member of the Chamber and a strong supporter of its events.

Our Portsmouth school is now registered as a Trinity College Testing Centre

Meridian School of English in Portsmouth is a Trinity Testing Centre and is classed as a testing ‘venue’ affiliated with our school in Plymouth.